The MOM (Matter Over Mind) Philosophy

UPDATE: Matter Over Mind: Cosmos, Chaos, and Curiosity has been available on Amazon and other outlets through Dog Ear Publishing since 2016, however is currently in between publishers and will be available through Outskirts Press late 2020. So for now, sadly, there are no hard copies available. There may still eBooks available from Barnes and Noble and Apple Books. All of the digital versions will eventually be re-released through Outskirts as well.

It is hard to imagine humanity mastering reality and advancing gracefully into the future until we confront the internally inconsistent major philosophies of our time, both political and spiritual. Our current major philosophies—most of them at least—are outdated and confusing. If our youth aren’t confused, they should be.

Let’s sweep up the broad misunderstandings between our most popular philosophies—the “left”, the “right”, the “spiritual”, and the “scientific”—and examine them closely, under a new lens. It’s my style to get down to the fundamentals, and I mean fundamental science; the way we have come to find that the natural world works.

We can live solely through our loose, interpretive abstract thought, which does not reflect how the natural world works one iota, or we can learn to respect nature’s ways, and live in that mental place where logic and compassion are woven together in a robust partnership; one which will last us into many future millennia.

I have written a book in order to help others learn to do the latter. The blogs on this site offer glimpses at some of the views in the book.

Please leave comments with your thoughts so that we can begin an ongoing discussion, and together, form a new, reasonable, understandable, and compassionate philosophy that we can all live by.

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