The Book

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Matter Over Mind: Cosmos, Chaos, Curiosity begins with a thought-provoking journey through the Cosmos to illustrate the startling contrast between nature’s chaotic but rich processes, and the human mind’s organized but underperforming habits. This book reveals how humanity could achieve even greater heights if we allow ourselves to rethink how we think.

Chaos theory, which is explained for the beginner in this book, is a foundational recipe in nature and large group behavior. Abstract thinking is the opposite force that leads to frustrating inconsistencies in society and even limitations in technology. Viewing the world through both lenses illuminates the deeper dynamics of the world and a better way forward for humanity.

When I first learned the basics of chaos theory and fractals it opened up a window to an understanding of the world and humanity that I wish everyone could see. So with this book I hope to brush the dust off of some long-ignored philosophical questions, spark your curiosity, and offer a new philosophy of life which I call by the acronym, MOM.

-Elaine Walker

This is a reading of selected excerpts from the book. This video was originally made for the Kickstarter campaign.